The beginning of a trip

Once there was a lovely couple in their early thirties who wanted to change their course of life. The breadcrumbs as laid down by society became dry and old, and harder to swallow as the days passed by. They felt like the go-ahead for life was given without actually starting to live it. A radical change was needed. But how do you achieve that? How do you go to the radix (Latin: root) of your life and change that? After long debates on how to step off the breadcrumbs trail they found their answer: they had to become legendary rubber tramps. Or written in more civilized terms, they had to become Overlanders.

"Was it an interstellar truth?"

With renewed energy they started preparing. Getting a motor driving license, buying a bike, taking off-road and first aid courses, and saving most of their money. The final and most symbolic step was to quit their jobs, sell their stuff and hit the road. Freedom at last!

Heading to work together

But wait... There is a hick-up in the storyline. It seems the opening paragraphs were written in never occurred times. Was it an interstellar truth? Or a delusional person, unaware of the current reality? Yes, it must be the latter! Because it was written by Thomas.

Yes, we, TNT on a Trip, indeed need to take a step back. A step back into our reality and rewrite our intended opening. Because the actual opening has a beginning we didn’t want to write. Or perhaps more correctly, a beginning we didn’t expect to write. To write our beginning is quite easy. It starts like this: no, we didn’t kick-off our journey to the Great East, The Stans, South East Asia, Australia, Mars, Jupiter, and possibly beyond. And to be very precise we did not even leave the Netherlands!

"A laser of disaster, pointing very directly to a remote attic in Utrecht"

I guess you know the cause of us not leaving: the Corona virus. This virus triggered multiple nasty events that bundled itself like a laser of disaster, pointing very directly to a remote attic in Utrecht where Tessa and I were living. Our cozy two weeks stay, in my former kid bedroom, turned into a quarantine nightmare. How crazy is that?

So indeed, due to the Corona virus the borders closed before our eyes. We couldn’t leave. Now you must wonder, how do we feel? Are we sad we couldn’t leave? Will we cancel our trip? The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is no. We are not sad and we are not cancelling our trip. Are we disappointed? Yes, of course we are. But we must deal with this situation. We must act like hurdlers who find out that another lap was added to their course. Would they freak out knowing they have to push another lap? Only for a split second,and then they would re-adjusted their scope, look to the horizon and push forward. This is how we need to act!

"Going on a trip means we decided to do the things we love"

Now, with this in mind let me revisit our train of thought. What does going on a trip actually mean? Why do we call ourselves TNT on a Trip? Is it because we plan to travel from A to B? So we can look at nice things? Or, to put it in political economy terms, so we can consume? No, I guess (and truly hope) it is more than that. Going on a trip means we decided to do the things we love. To live the life we always wanted to live. And this, as it starts now, is exactly what we are doing. So to revisit the opening paragraph and question whether our freedom started, there is only one answer. Hell yes it started!

Stay tuned for updates about our adventures!