Gum pain, a Czech party and Macklemore goes camping

Here it is: the first travel piece of TNT on a Trip. We hope to delight you with our experiences on the road. Already there is so much to write about. Think of the places we have seen, the beautiful people we have met, our fulltime #campinglife, and the challenges we have faced so far. Our first stop was Czech, with its green nature, good beers, historic cities, party camping and Macklemore.

"Just like three months ago, we experienced a little setback"

Let’s start at the beginning, our departure from Gnandstein (Germany) where we just finished our five weeks of Wwoof – read more about that here. The borders slowly started opening again which reawakened our longing for motorcycle escapades. We were ready to ride towards adventure like an F1 driver exists the pitstop: full throttle with burning rubber flying around. But just like three months ago, our actual planned departure date, we experienced a little setback. After a great weekend in Leipzig with friends from the Netherlands, Tessa noticed a touch of pain in the gum above her wisdom tooth. During the following two days her cheek started to swell so big she slightly, and only slightly, resembled a hamster. Although it was a funny sight (according to me), it was not a funny feeling. It really hurt a shitload. So instead of leaving for our trip, we left for the dentist.

Happier times in Leipzig

At the dentist we heard that indeed her gum was infected. The treatment: an on-site mouthwash cleaning, for at least one week, combined with heavy antibiotics – of which the side effects were felt for two weeks long. The dentist, a very sweet woman, did not master the English language very well. She told Tessa to take three pills at the same time, three times a day. This meant, for the math heroes amongst us, nine pills a day, while the pills also looked suitable for knocking out a proper Arabian horse. After translating and reading the leaflet we learned it was three pills a day, for two weeks straight. When we arrived home, feeling disappointed and gloomy, we explained the situation to our host. He was kind enough to let us stay for another week. We were so grateful for that! After one week the swelling indeed reduced, transforming the hamster back into my beautiful Tessa. With the improved situation we were back in the saddle ready to exit our pitstop.

"The camping was situated in a valley surrounded by old hills, covered with berk and pine trees"

After saying goodbye to our host, we left Gnandstein. It was a beautiful day. Two goldfinches were singing us goodbye from the blooming grape plants. We started our motorcycles and rode to Czech. At the end of the afternoon we arrived on a camping in the Český ráj national park. The camping was situated in a valley surrounded by old hills, covered with berk and pine trees. A gentle forest breeze touched our face when we removed our helmets. Yes, this looked perfect, Tessa and I concluded by smiling at each other. It was quiet and green and only a handful of people were staying here.

First night camping - not the best dinner

A couple of little kids were playing at the volleyball field, which was centered at the heart of the camping. We discovered a tiny bar hidden behind an old shed, located at the foot of a grand rock. They served cold beer and baked little pizzas. After consuming one of those golden refreshments we started pitching our tent. Within 30 minutes we were sitting and enjoying the view. Which day was it?, I asked Tessa. After a quick look at her phone we saw it was Friday, the start of the weekend.

"Suddenly our quiet forest camping turned into a festival area with an extensive lineup"

Around 15:00 more people started to arrive. Around 16:00 it was not so quiet anymore. And at 17:00 it was fully packed, overflowing with people, ready to explode. The weekend had officially begun! Suddenly our quiet forest camping turned into a festival area with an extensive lineup. On our left, we had people wearing t-shirts with their name ironed on their back. At the center, the volleyball field, the cute little kids were pushed away by drunk teenagers who were ready to go wild.

On our right three big RV’s arrived, which they parked in front of our tiny tent, thereby blocking our view, and lighting their barbeque which smoked straight in our tent, causing our sleeping bags to smell like doner kebab (they did have free Wifi, which we, as our silent form of protest, consumed). The next morning, after a short and pragmatic meeting, Tessa and I decided to continue our journey to new and other exotic destinations. (side note: don’t get me wrong, the Český ráj national park is beautiful and great for hiking).

After our party camping we visited the Unesco World Heritage town Kutná Hora, an old silver mining village, where we stayed a couple of days, and paid a visit to a local fair. We then continued to Čížov, in the south of Czech. Čížov is known for the old remains of the Iron Curtain. It remembers the days of barb wire borders and electric fences, which is nowadays, unfortunately, back in fashion. We found a small camping run by a family who also owned a great restaurant serving local dishes.

"The whole evening he played Macklemore songs while singing along with them"

The moment I walked into the restaurant one of the young waiters (which turned out to be the son of the owners) approached me with great enthusiasm. I was a bit surprised but burst out in a big laugh when I understood him. He asked me if he had the honor to speak with Macklemore. Although I heard this before, it really took some convincing I was not the guy. Sorry, man! The whole evening he played Macklemore songs while singing along with them, tapping me on the shoulder and addressing me with Macklemore. It was a hilarious guy and an amusing experience.

So there you have it, our first days of camping and traveling on our motorcycles. Did we dig it? Most def! Next up: Hungary.