How we bought Tessa’s Transalp

Buying the Transalp was an adventure in itself. Here is how it went.

I found the bike on Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay) and made an offer which was 300 euro lower than the asking price. The bid was accepted right away (which meant that my bid was still still too high.)

"I prepared the buying process from beginning to end"

Anyway, on a windy day in spring we get into our car and drive to the north of the Netherlands. After a friendly handshake, a cup of coffee, and my first test run, it was Tessa’s turn to go for a spin. Now I prepared the buying process from beginning to end (since I’m a Procurement Engineer this is my bread and butter), but I had forgotten the most essential thing: Tessa! The moment she walks up to the bike I can see a problem popping up, she was not ready yet to get on this big heavy bike. She just passed her exam one week ago.

So we excused ourselves for a moment to discuss in private what to do next. Tessa was sturdy and committed: she needed more time to get comfortable with this idea. I agreed with her, there was too much pressure to act right now. But while we were finishing our discussion, the seller moved between us like a professional sniper (he must have smelled a missed deal) and proposed to lower the price with another 200 euros.

"Made it rain"

I was sold directly, and so was the bike. This was a good price, and if we decided later to sell it, we probably would make some profit. So I took out 2000 euro cash and made it rain. I changed my clothes to motor gear and drove it home on that wonderful windy day in the spring of 2019.