Tools, spare parts and things at hand

Like every cook has a set of knives he can handle blindly, every overlander knows which tools he carriers. After I bought the Mosko Moto Tool Roll, I started filling it with my tools. I applied the following approach (which I had to correct later): I loaded my tool roll with tools, worked on my bike, and if I needed additional tools they were added to the roll. After a while it became so bulky you could perform Schwarzenegger bicep curls. This was not what I could carry with me!

The mistake I made was by starting off wrong. Instead of filling the roll with tools at the beginning, I had to keep it empty and only add pieces that were needed during maintenance jobs. The result was a much lighter roll, carrying on the essential tools which fit on both bikes (it's a combination of my own tools and the Transalp onboard tool kit).


1.      Electrical tape

2.      Tape measure

3.      Inner tube repair kit

4.      Tire pressure gauge

5.      Pocket knife

6.      Valve puller

7.      Small Phillips screws driver

8.      Valve remover

9.      Adjustable wrench

10.  Tie-rips, washers and screws

11.  Dust brush

12.  Tire levers x3

13.  Hex key set

14.  Hex socket set

15.  Wrench set

16.  Ratchet

17.  Screwdriver with bit set


Spare parts

·       Spark plugs

·       Fuses

·       Inner tube (front and rear wheel; fits on both bikes)

·       Fuel pump (fits on both bikes)

·       Valves


Things at hand

1.      Haynes manual (1 book for both bikes)

2.      Leatherman Wave

3.      First aid kit

4.      Stop and Go mini air compressor

5.      Iron wire

6.      Duct Tape

7.      Multi-meter

8.      WD40

9.      S100 white chain lube

10.  Throttle Grip Add-on

11.  Maytir helmet lock

12.  LMoDri throttle lock

13.  2 luggage straps