Motor clothing and personal gear

Would you choose Gore-tex, NeoShell or eVent? This question is like offering a Coca Cola to a person who drinks Pepsi. Some people swear by the difference, while others can’t tell left from right. For our motor clothing we belong to the second group. So we just searched for clothes that looked good, received positive feedback and fitted within our budget range. As with camping gear, it is truly amazing how much stuff you can buy, and how much money you can spend on everything. We aimed for a healthy balance between new and secondhand. Let's see what turns out to be the quintessence of quality.

All our gear. Too much? Probably...


1.       Dainese Carve Master 1 GTX Jacket

2. Dainese Carve Master 1 GTX Trousers

3.       Sidi Adventure 2 GTX boots

4.       Dainese Thermo shirt long sleeve

5.       Dainese tempest d-dry long gloves

6.       Dainese Carbon D1 short gloves

7.       Alpinestars Hurricane Rain jacket

8.       Schubert C3 modular helmet

9.       Silk scarf + neck collar

10.   North Face fleece sweater

11.   Nike Running Shoes

12.   Denim jeans

13.   Training trousers

14.   3 t-shirts

15.   1 shorts

16.   1 beanie

17.   Motorcycle socks x2

18.   Socks and underwear



1.       Rev’it Neptune GTX Jacket

2.       Rev’it Neptune GTX Trousers

3.       Forma Adventure boots

4.       Rev’it Juno neck collar

5.       F-Lite ML240 Heat – thermo shirt long sleeves

6.       F-Lite ML140  – thermo shirtshort sleeves

7.       Rev’it Chevak gloves

8.       Rev’it Striker gloves

9.       Alpinestars Hurricane Rain jacket

10.   Schubert C3 modular helmet

11.   2 pair of motorcycle socks (Re’vit and Held)

12.   North Face fleece sweater

13.   Nike Running Shoes

14.   1 denim jeans

15.   3 t-shirts

16.   1 shorts

17.   1 bikini

18.   1 beanie

19.   Training trousers

20.   Socks and underwear