Camping life

We are changing our Street Life (think Randy Crawford) to Camping Life (style). All the riches and conveniences of the modern urban life will be replaced by the enriching experience of sleeping in a tent. We have the advantage of being Dutch, who are notoriously known for camping all over the world, in every season. With this being said, it is indeed the case that we have experience with camping - although not with the proper gear we bought for our trip. The availability and prices for camping gear are mind dazzling. You could end up spending thousands of euros on all kinds of fancy designs, latest innovations and neon colour schemes. We compiled a list of things we needed and bought most of it during Black Friday, saving serious amounts of money. The rest we bought second hand or received it as a gift.  


 •       Nemo Dagger 2p tent + garage - with footprint and gear loft

•        Nemo Cosmo 25L sleeping pad

•        Nemo Disco Sleeping Bag

•        Nemo Fillo pillow

•        Helinox chair

•       MSR Whisperlite International + 2 fuel bottles

•        MSR Alpinist 2 Cook System

•        MSR 6L Dromedary

•        Miniwell water filter L630

•        Tito titanium spoon fork

•        Opinel pocket knives (10 and 8)

•        Bialetti peculator

•        Lightweight USB 300LM3W LED Light

•        Black diamond head light

•        Lighters

•        Wine bottle opener

•        Pack of playing cards